Who is this person?

An incorrigible, twenty-something living in Faulkner’s world. A wife (to Doc) and mother (to Rosebud), still trying to make sense between real life and make-believe. A type-A personality with ESFJ tendencies that feels more at home in the 19th-century than my own. I’m in a heated love-affair with words, history, and My Old Kentucky Home. In my down time I like to appease my predisposition to OCD by vacuuming furniture (and dogs) and making beds. I enjoy library books and am a novice, but tenacious gardener of flowers–not vegetables (which is probably a metaphor to my preferences for beauty over utility). I collect rocking chairs, or at least want to, and aspire to live in an old house surrounded by old things. I want to love God by loving His people. Most of the time I fail at both, but I try again the next day, and I’m almost positive that’s what matters. Also. We have an overweight black lab named Paul Revere that refuses to exercise.


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