Maybe We Need This: A Look At the Olympics

This year, the Olympics have been blowing up my newsfeed (and my life). Everywhere I look I see people cheering on teenagers they’ve never heard of  and screaming at the Russians. Because Russians.

And here’s the thing. Maybe we need this. Maybe amidst all this political turmoil and division, maybe we need something to cheer for.
Maybe we need a 31-year-old retiree to come back in and sweep the field.
Maybe we need a team of young girls to make us feel some spark.
And just maybe we need history to be made and records to be broken and time to stop when our anthem is played.

It seems silly.
When it boils down to it–these are just games.
But they’re also the chance to say “This is who we are. This is what we do. When one of us wins, we all win. When one of us falls, we pick them back up.”

Because lately the City on the Hill hasn’t been well…so shiny. We’re got a lot of anger and bitterness and maybe we’re even losing our way just a bit without the light.
All the discourse and the he-said, she-said and the different stories that the media blares from sun up to sundown are taking its toll.

So at the end of the day.
Yes, they’re just games.
And yes, they’re just athletes–not superheroes.

But the next time America takes gold and the Star Spangled Banner’s first notes start to play, I dare you not to feel something. I dare you not to look at the Stars and Bars being hoisted and feel anything but pride.

Because this is America. And we came to win.


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