Why I Refuse to Vote for Hillary Just Because She’s A Woman

Hillary Clinton is running for President.
I’m sure you already knew that. I really hope you already knew that.
And she really, really wants you to vote for her. Especially if you’re a woman. Because. Well. We should stick together and all that jazz.

Hillary thinks that it’s high time we had a female President. And boy, oh boy, do I agree.
But should it be her? “No. No. Definitely not.” (Mr. Ollivander)

Can I tell you what is more damaging to women and feminism than anything else? Giving something to a woman just because she’s a woman.

When I was 10-years old, I hated typically “girly” things. I didn’t have the imagination for dolls and Barbies. I knew that they weren’t real and that this chick wasn’t really a veterinarian and so what the heck was the point in pretending?
I wanted to read books–they made up the stories for me, and were way better anyways.
I wanted to be outside–digging in the dirt with the spoons I stole from the kitchen drawer.
I wanted to build combustion engines and look through my microscope at slides of chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce.

Moving on.

I didn’t really travel in the girl circles. All of my little friends growing up were boys. So at 10-years old I was just “one of the guys.”
At recess in elementary school we would always line up for races. One end of the chain link fence to the other.
Most of the other boys would run with all of their might against me. They wanted to beat me as badly as I wanted to beat them. As badly as they wanted to beat each other.
But there was one boy–Adam Johnson. He would let me win because I was a girl.
Every. single. time.

It was absolutely infuriating.
Because even if I ran my heart out, even if I beat him fair and square, it was still assumed that he let me win.

There are always going to be people that think I shouldn’t have/do something because I am a woman.
And the satisfaction of proving them wrong is a beautiful feeling.

But far worse than these people are the ones that want me to take the easy way out.
The ones that want to hand me something because they assume I can’t take hold of it for myself.

The thing is, I get Hillary.
She came up in a time and in an industry that women were largely ignored. She fought hard to get where she is. For a long time she was “Mrs. Bill Clinton.” And that’s the worst.
I respect her fight.

But unfortunately, I don’t respect her ideologies. I don’t respect the decisions she’s made. And I don’t respect the plans she has for our country.

Above all, I don’t respect the fact that Hillary and her supporters have the gall to insinuate that as a woman my vote should automatically go to their campaign.

In doing so, they assume that I’m not intelligent enough to assess the issues and stances of each candidate and align my ideologies with the appropriate person, male or female. Instead, just pick the woman. Because she’s a woman.

In doing so, they ask me to undercut the hard work that women all over the world have put in to be treated as equals. Because asking for and receiving special treatment based on our gender is as bad as being belittled and ignored based on our gender.

And to be perfectly honest, it undercuts the hard work that Hillary Clinton herself has put in.

Hillary, I respect you as a woman. And because of that, I will not vote for you. Because I deserve better than that. My daughter deserves better than that.

She deserves a candidate that says “Vote for me because I am the better choice.” Not “Vote for me because I am a woman.”

If you are one of the men or women voting for Hillary Clinton because you feel she is the best candidate for the job, because she will push through the policies you support, kudos.

If you are one of the people voting for Hillary Clinton because she has two x chromosomes, stop and reconsider your priorities.

I will bust my butt to get where I want to be in life. If that is made more difficult by my gender, I will work harder. I will attempt to change that.
If that is made easier by my gender, it will weaken me and the generations of women that will follow.

And when/if Rosebud runs for President of the United States, I’ll refuse to allow her that cop-out.
“Vote for Rosebud because she is bi-partisan, she can push through real immigration reform, can fix the healthcare crisis in our country, and can create a balanced budget.”
Not “Vote for Rosebud because of some twisted notion of a shared bond thanks to our anatomy.”

Love and Other Drugs,
E. Hunter W.




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