Redemption: The Tale of Adoption

Doc and I get the question of when we’ll be having more kids pretty often. Because once you start a family (even a surprise blessing) one, you’re supposed to just pick up speed as you go. We’ve only got 1 of the 2.5 kids to make the American dream and come on, somebody, I’m tryin’ to have me a soccer team!
Okay, no.
And honestly, we’ve talked about it. We’ve talked around it, and under it, and over it and here’s what we’ve concluded. We’re not waiting for the perfect time to add to our family, we’re just waiting for a better time.

Sometimes I’m a little paranoid about the entire thing. I mean, we got pretty lucky with Rosebud. The child has slept through the night since she came home from the hospital, came out eating like a champ, and when her Daddy says “Rose” in that Dad-voice, she jumps to attention. Aside from that whole colic/reflux thing the first few months of life, we really out kicked our coverage with this kid.

In short, Doc and I have the blind, parental notion that our child is perfect. I think you’re supposed to have that when they’re young so that when we hit the teenage years and wonder why we thought having kids was such a good idea, you can look back and remember the good days.

But the point is not Rosebud. It’s our hypothetical, future family additions. And here’s the thing: Doc and I may not have anymore biological children. We haven’t decided for sure, and we’ve got the time to change our minds and settle on a plan.

Please notice that I said biological children.
Because we are called to adopt into our family.

And I don’t think this is possible without the Gospel.

I don’t think I could possibly be given the capability of opening my heart, if Jesus Christ hadn’t first opened His heart to me.
Because what is adoption if not the purest depiction of the Gospel here on Earth?
Once I was lost and doomed, but I was adopted into the family of the Most High and loved as His own.
Once this child was lost and doomed, and I want to give them all of the love that I have.
What the world has cast aside as worthless will find value in my home. 

For a very long time now we have discussed the specifics.
When we will begin the process–explaining it to Rosebud–expense–domestic adoption versus international.
And these are all things that must be sorted–but for now, I am going to rest in the all-consuming peace of the One who knows all. For He has already formed the plans for the child(ren) that will be entrusted to us.

With Doc being well…a doc–we will have access to his medical background and the resources that attend it.
And this makes us uniquely suited to make an additional decision: we feel that we are called to adopt a child with special needs.

There are children all over the world that are cast aside when they are born “imperfect”.
They are abandoned to orphanages where they lay in cribs without access to the resources that could help them thrive. Without access to the love that could change everything.

The life expectancy for a child born with Down Syndrome in the United States is the age of 60.
In much of Eastern Europe it is 6-8.

That is a travesty.
These abandoned children were born with purpose and I intend to help them live it out.

I wasn’t given what I have today because I got lucky. There is a purpose to my blessing. The God I know doesn’t sit on a throne while indiscriminately throwing down good to some and bad to others.
The exact purpose of my life is to risk it for the glory of One. To risk it for the ones He loves.

Do you genuinely believe that God chose you to live an easy life because you were more revered? More deserving? Or that that the Yahweh God of love is playing a senseless game of favorites?
Or do you have the resources that you have to share them with those that do not?

Because my child doesn’t get to wake up in a warm home with a full belly and a safe shelter of love because she’s worthy and all the other children aren’t. But so that someone, somewhere can give them the same. So that someone, somewhere gets the opportunity to give to them.

Because but for the grace of God, there go I.
But for the grace of God, there goes my Rosebud. 

I ask that you pray for the children that will one day join our family, and pray for us–for the patience to persevere what will be a long and exhaustive process–and pray that God will give us discernment where He has already given us the desire.

Love and other drugs,
E. Hunter W.


One thought on “Redemption: The Tale of Adoption

  1. I smiled all the way through this. You put into words things in my heart. God gives us children in so many different ways and in his time. Oh how good He is. When we are obedient and listen the blessings we receive. God sent me many. Love you young lady. I hope to meet your family someday.


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